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Sight Ministries needs YOU!

February 12, 2014

You know you want to go on a mission trip.

Sight Ministries International is one of the organizations who delivers Wear & Share® donated glasses and sunglasses to people in need on optical missions around the world. Please take a moment to read their special request regarding 2014 mission needs:  

February is the month of love. Valentine's Day is rapidly approaching, and as we pause to express our love to our spouse, significant other, family members, and/or friends, please consider also how you would express your love to the One that Loved you first!

Millions of dollars are spent on advertising during this season and millions more on the product that they promote. What lasts are the memories you make not the products you purchase. Flowers will fade, candies will get consumed, and cards discarded, but the memory of the delivery will remain (especially when done right). The same could be said about the mission trips we go on. The fear of the unknown will fade, but the excitement of the journey and the realization of the impact will remain forever.

The work accomplished for the Kingdom of God will last eternally.  What better way to show your love than serving on a mission trip. The most common reply from people that have gone is that they loved it and they will never forget it. Don't you want to be a part of this? Don't you want to experience this?

Sight Ministries needs Optometrists for the three trips listed below. Would you consider showing your love and joining them to share your love for the One that loved you first?




Northern Kenya
25 April - 3 May
$2,800.00 Estimated
OD Needed


Surabaya, Indonesia
17-27 July
$3,000.00 Estimated
OD Needed

Western Asia Trip
Mid-Late October
$2,500.00 Estimated
OD & Optician Needed

Click here to read more about Sight Ministries, or call 888-861-7520 for more information.