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The Year Ahead for Sight Ministries International

January 27, 2017

The Year Ahead for Sight Ministries International

Sight Ministries International is one of many vision-specific philanthropic organizations that receive assistance through your Wear & Share® purchases.  Please take a moment to read and prayerfully consider your potential role in their 2017 activities in this letter from Sight Ministries International Director Scott Settegast:

I hope your 2017 is off to a great start.  It looks like this is going to be an amazing year for Sight Ministries International.  We will coordinate a number of trips and help to support many others – please pray for God’s provision for His ministry.

 In the coming year, we will conduct five trips and support at least four other organizations in their ministry activities.  We will expand our glasses system from three frame styles to 10 and expand our lens powers to 6.00 diopters (both + and -).  We have added new members to our Board of Directors, which will allow us to expand our sphere of influence.  We will also launch a new website that will be more dynamic and interactive.  2017 is set to be a big year for Sight Ministries International!

That being said, I need your help! If you are a doctor, optician, or even someone with no experience in the optical world, your assistance is needed. Please pray about how God intends to use you this year, and then faithfully respond to His call.

As with every ministry organization there are three specific ways to support: prayer, physical support, and philanthropy.

First is prayer. This is not a trite saying – it is our urgent plea. We believe God has given us big plans, but more than our plans, God wants our hearts and we give that to Him through prayer. Please support us, the trips, and our partners with your prayers.

Second is physical support – attending a trip. Below is a list of trips we will coordinate this year. Please review the list and prayerfully consider for which trip you can provide assistance. Optometrists and opticians are of particular importance (a necessity) for each trip, but lay people are needed, as well.

Finally, we need philanthropic, or financial, support. Our new website will have the ability to donate via Paypal to make donations easy and convenient.

Thank you for your interest in Sight Ministries International and please keep us in your prayers.

2017 Trips
Philippines – Mid-July – Estimated cost $1,800 - $2,000, including airfare.

The dates are not finalized yet because I need an Optometrist for the trip and the team is able to adjust to their schedule. Due to travel requirements, this trip will span 10-11 days. We will hold clinics in and around Himamaylan City, which is part of Negros Occidental. This is a first-time trip for Sight Ministries, but we are teaming up with a Houston-based Baptist church that has had an ongoing ministry to this area and we want to add vision care to their efforts.

El Salvador - August 4th-12th – Estimated cost $1,800

We will provide eye care in the capital city of San Salvador in the Soyapango neighborhood. We will work with a Spanish-speaking evangelist to boldly proclaim the gospel message in conjunction with the eye care clinics.

Guatemala – Late September / Early October – Estimated cost $1,600

We will provide eye care to the unreached Pokomchi people group in a region called Alta Verapaz, which is about four hours north of Guatemala City. We will work with a Spanish-speaking evangelist to boldly proclaim the gospel message in conjunction with the eye care clinics.

Binga, Zimbabwe – October 13-23 – (Very) Estimated cost $2,500 - $3,000*

This, too, is a first-time trip for Sight Ministries International. We will work with an established organization in Zimbabwe called Empty the Orphanage ( in their new facility located in the Binga region.

Ethiopia – Late October – no cost estimate available

Sight Ministries International is pleased to announce this new location. We are in the very early stages of developing this trip. While I am not yet ready to share the details I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to put it out there for consideration.


Scott Settegast
Director, Sight Ministries International

To get involved, contact SMI at 888-861-7520 or visit their website at