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Vision 2014 with WBGL Radio

October 23, 2014

We are thrilled to support WBGL Radio (Illinois/Indiana) in their Vision 2014 fall fundraiser Octboer 28th - 31st! Learn more by listening to this spot:

Eyes of Faith Mission Photo

"I love Vision. It contains the power to look forward and see things that are not “there yet”. Vision challenges you and drives you forward, with little more than faith to keep going. We call our fall fundraiser, Vision, for these reasons. And when Vision includes God and you, together we have the power to bring Hope." Jeff Scott, Station Manager

WBGL is a non-profit, 501c3 ministry, and donations are tax deductible.  WBGL relies on listener support to keep the music playing and the ministry happening throughout the year. In addition to helping the ministry of WBGL, for every new donation of at least $30 a month given electronically during Vision 2014 (via credit/debit card or electric funds transfer from your bank account), a child in Africa will get a brand new pair of Wear & Share® prescription glasses from Eyes of Faith.  Read more about Vision 2014 at WBGL's website >

Find WBGL:

  • 91.7 Champaign
  • 104.7 Chicagoland
  • 88.5 Terre Haute
  • 88.1 Decatur
  • 88.1 Charleston-Mattoon
  • 91.1 Carlinville|The Riverbend
  • 89.7 Metro Saint Louis
  • 89.7 Mount Vernon
  • 89.1 Southern Illinois
  • 91.7 Vandalia
  • 93.9 Effingham
  • 90.1 Granite City

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