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Pray for the East Coast

October 10, 2016

Pray for our brothers and sisters on the east coast. May they be kept safe. — Don Continue Reading

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Pray for Wear & Share in Guatemala

October 07, 2016

Please keep the Sight Ministries International team in your prayers during the coming week as they embark on a Wear & Share mission to Guatemala. After overnighting in Guatemala city, the team will begin a 5-hour journey to San Cristobal Alta... Continue Reading

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Pray for Amazon Mission

September 14, 2016

Elevate Life Church of Frisco, Texas is taking 50 missionaries to the Amazon River, Brazil. Our mission will be to provide medical and dental clinics, eye glasses and sun glasses (donated by Eyes of Faith & Berkeley Eye Center), kids camp, h... Continue Reading

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Pray for Loralee

September 13, 2016

Please pray for our Senior Account Manager, Loralee. We thank the Lord for the positive news we've received thus far, and we continue to pray for her healing. Lord, please be with Loralee's family, doctors, nurses, and friends, and let Yours and ... Continue Reading

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Pray for Family Restoration, Open EYES for Voting

August 10, 2016

  Family restoration. Real unconditional love for all ages. Safety for family members. Open EYES for voting for what is best for our country's future; to put God first and American citizens 2nd. A return to reading God's owners manual for daily ap... Continue Reading

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Pray for Starving, Abandoned Children in Venezuela

August 09, 2016

Please pray for Venezuela. Food and medical crises.No food or medicine to buy. People are starving and desperate for basic supplies. Children are being left at churches, orphanages, or abandoned because their parents can not care for them. My c... Continue Reading

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